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Mac-related kvetching

March 10, 2008

As you may or may not be aware, I recently took the plunge and got a MacBook Pro (Santa Rosa) last Sunday, just before my SO unfortunately had to leave.

My previous Mac experiences have been:

iBook w/ G3 600
Rev 1 Macbook (Core Duo)

Suffice to say, I enjoy using Mac hardware, like the OS, and am a happy little Mac fan.

Given when my MB came out, I never bothered taking the plunge to 10.5, considering it to be a bit of a waste of money as far as “upgrades” went. 10.4 did what I wanted, with no problems.

Having used 10.5 on my MBP for about a week, I can say that, yes, there’s nothing here worth $120 worth of Upgrade Tax. Though Spaces is really nice.

This is the first time I’ve ever gone with the pro-level Mac product, and I have some thoughts and impressions that I’ve kinda mentioned on Twitter, but am going to really detail here:

The good:
* The screen is gigantic and beautifully bright, and it’s only a 15″. Gotta love those LEDs.
* It came with 2GB. First time, ever, a Mac product has been usable out of the box without 3rd-party memory upgrades. Still going to go to 4GB when finances permit.
* The graphics look to be fast enough to replace my PC gaming system.
* Backlit keyboard.
* Spaces (Hey, I’m liking Spaces)
* The internal speakers are decent and usable.
* It’s not appreciably heavier than my MB.
* It’s large enough to do Real Work on, without feeling cramped or like I need more pixelspace.
* I can now drive a 30″ LCD. Bwahaha.

The bad:
* I dislike the keyboard. It takes way too much force to depress the keys and the keys all feel very slippery.
* As with my MacBook, it seems I am unable to find the CORRECT position to sit in to see all the screen without colour distortion. I believe this may be a factor of the glossy display.
* The wrist-wrest surface is slippery, and hard to hold my hands steady on.
* Per the issue with the screen distortion, trying to use the iSight means that no one can see me as the “right” position crops off everything but the top of my head.
* Port layouts make it difficult to hook to my large LCD and still use the MBP.

All in all, I’m having a lot of difficulty saying whether or not I’m really enjoying using the MBP. It’s a nice system, very powerful and capable.. but there’s all these niggling little issues that get in the way of my enjoyment of the system.

Not to mention how much fun it’s going to be trying to keep the MB and MBP in sync. I’m thinking Git or Mercurial for my homedirs.


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