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Dear LCD manufacturers..

March 12, 2008

This is an extension of a recent Tweet. Check out my Twitter!

Dear LCD manufacturers;

I like your technology. I may even go so far as to say I love your technology. Bright, razor-edged displays not prone to any of the unhappy distortion present in CRTs. Full digital interface.
Disgustingly high resolutions.

What’s not to love?

Colour calibration.
See, like Rands, I am a sufferer of NADD and require/crave copious numbers of pixels in which to ram information through my eyes into my cortex.

Unlike Rands, I can’t really afford a 30″ LCD from Apple. Yet.

Also unlike Rands (given he’s never mentioned it), I am part artist on top of happy code monkey database girl at work, so colour has become rather important to me.

Important enough that colour divergence between two different displays DRIVES ME UP A FREAKING WALL.

This makes using multiple-monitor environments very unpleasant for me. I am constantly distracted by the difference in white levels and saturation of reds or blues or yellows or whatever.
I presently have 3 displays around my person, (MB, MBP, 20″ LCD) and I can only use ONE at any given time, due to the variance each displays. I can’t go multimonitor.

I can’t go multimonitor and it causes me immense discomfort to know this.

So my question is this:
Why is it impossible to colour-calibrate the display at the factory and ship a custom USB key with ICC profiles FOR THAT ONE DISPLAY that match various brightness and warmth levels?

Or even better, embed it in the monitor’s DDC?
Why am I forced to suffer until I buy a Spyder or other colorimeter? Why?

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