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June 19, 2008

So I’ve been considering getting ST:TNG lately, as well as DS9. I think they’d be fine pieces of science fiction to own, but, I’m having a problem I just can’t get over.


I watched these shows when I was still pretty much just a podling (10 years old or so), and I can tell with almost certainty that I’ve already coated DS9 and TNG with a sparkling glaze of nostalgic “It were better in them old-en days, ayup,” and I’ll end up fairly disappointed with the results when and if I try to watch the series from beginning to end, now, when I’m a reasonably mature adult. Or at least a taller version of a child.

On the other hand of this argument, I can place Space: Above and Beyond. Another really old sci-fi show from the Days of Yore, which I’ve been watching through lately. A show that I also watched when I was a wee podling.

And even through the shiny Nostalgic Coating, it was a decent show. Not bad, not great, but still pretty decent.

Watching it, and looking back at TNG and DS9… it gives me hope. Hope that I can view those classics of my childhood without permanently searing wonderful memories from my mind. Hope that I can, if not return home, at least walk through and give it a once over with fresh eyes, smile at antics and groan at truly terrible overacting and horrible scripts.

And give me a better incentive to buy the West Wing box set.


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