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July 7, 2008

Recent books I’ve purchased, read, and definitely enjoyed:

Cauldron by Jack McDevitt.
Continuation of the Priscilla Hutchins series of books, which you know if you like. I was a bit disappointed by this book – it didn’t have the driving flair of his previous entries. I also felt the reveal at the very end to be a bit dissatisfying. Kinda wishing I’d waited for paperback before purchasing. Still going to grab Odyssey and Engines of God and all the other books I’m missing.

Out of Picture, Vol 1 & 2 by Blue Sky(various)
Absolutely EXCELLENT set of books. I’m very glad I spent the money on these. A set of short stories in graphic style, very elegant and very contained. Have done quite a lot to re-inspire me to work on my art again, to push my own style.

Skim by … I forgot.
Interesting graphic novel about coming of age of a teenage girl. I think. Decent, well-written, and Canadian to boot. I enjoyed it.

Solaris New SciFi Anthology Thing
Remind me to update this. Some great scifi short stories, a lot of works that I’m now very inspired to draw out, a lot of really good ideas that are flitting around my brain because of it.

And I’m currently reading Gödel, Escher, Bach by I Again Forget Who.

I am most missing my copy of Chaos Theory, which I will need to go acquire anew.

Finally, Death of an Ancient King by Laurent Gaude.
Absolutely wonderful book, translated from French to English. Wonderfully written and wonderful story. I thoroughly recommend this book.


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