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On the iPhone

July 7, 2008

So. The iPhone. Apple’s portable bucket of awesome du jour.

Not yet available in Canada, where I happen to live.
And of course, announced one week after I bought my import phone.

One week.

It’s been a few weeks since I got by iPhone, and I have to say it is a very remarkable piece of hardware. Full unix system on something I can hold in a single hand.

There are some pretty major things about it that bother me, though.
First, Apple are a bunch of dicks when it comes to openness.
Javascript, while nice, is pretty slow for any major work. Case in point, the rich text editor that WordPress uses is bordering on unusable. Something as simple as writing text is that unusable.
There’s no way to save files.
Third, most apps on the default installation do not support landscape mode, only safari does by default. And the keyboard bites in portrait mode.
iTunes insists on downscaling my photos before syncing them to the iPhone.
There is no way to delete synced photos on the iPhone. This would be amazingly handy from a photo management point of view.

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