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Ubiquity of Place

January 29, 2009

So, today I was packing up my backpack with a bunch of stuff so I could wander out to the CoffeeshopOfDeath(or taxes) to do my work this fine Winter day.

Given that your average backpack only contains a select amount of Stuff, I had to seriously pare down what I wanted.

As a result, I learned exactly what I needed to have to redeploy on a global scale – literally. Everything else is totally replaceable, and can be inferred from what I have.

The current Backpack of Infinite Potential contains:

  • Laptop, MacBook Pro. My default workstation, with effectively everything on it. Plus power brick
  • Wallet, with credit and bank cards.
  • Camera, Nikon D60
  • Blackberry Bold, plus cable.
  • iPhone, plus cable.
  • Binder of work-related stuff
  • 2x Moleskines
  • Sketchbook + pencil
  • My fountain pen
  • Gloves & Hat (It is WINTER)

And that’s it. Everything I need to be productive, get online, and be creative, anywhere I happen to be. Should I trek across the country, it’s enough to redeploy into a Place, buy clothes, and set up shop.

Anywhere. Untethered.

It’s an awesome feeling.

It’s also why I’ve decided my backpack is going to be named MCV. 🙂


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