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The Bold, iPhone, and Migrating

January 30, 2009

Or, a terrible case of the Ooh, Shiny.

iPhone: Shiny, touchscreen oriented interface. Delicious mobile browser. High-resolution screen. iPod functionality.
Slow-ish keyboard. Crappy email app. Worse SMS app. No other data-text-transfer capability.
Blackberry Bold: Higher DPI screen. Hard keyboard. Trackball.
Crappier browser. Inelegant interface. Awesome email and texting apps.

All in all, I’m rather pleased by my new Bold. It’s remarkably less annoying than the iPhone in a lot of ways, but also has new limitations.

I’ve definitely taken to carrying both devices on my outings. There is advantage to having the iPhone as a PDA and the BB as a phone + aught else.


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