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August 24, 2009

So the other day, if you read my Twitter stream, I bought an SGI O2.

Now, for those not immediately aware, it’s a legacy workstation from about 1996, your average video and light 3D production system. In this day and age, pretty limited, but still fun to play with.

There are Many like it, but this one is mine, and all that.

There are a great many reasons why I bought such old hardware, but it really comes down to a deep, raw desire to play and explore. To quest, and in questing, learn and grow and enjoy.

In particular, this system has a SIMD unit specifically for image and graphics processing. From 1996! It won’t be the fastest, certainly, but it’ll be amazing to poke the system and see what it can really do.

Also of enjoyment will be that this system runs IRIX, a dead fork of the Unix OS. It’s old, somewhat crufty, and a lot of modern software doesn’t really work on it – due to the age of the OS, Linux-centric programming, and the lack of CPU power.

300 whole MHz. Impressive!

Most important is that it feeds one of my deepest desires, satisfies a childhood dream that I feared would never be fulfilled.

And that is a wonderful feeling.


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