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November 16, 2009

Out walking in the Inglewood area of Calgary on Saturday. Lovely little area that I’ve been in the last couple of days, working out of CoworkYYC. The area is distinctly industrial, the legacy of the great rail empire strongly present.
The entire area feels like a throwback to an older time, a little town caught in the midst of the big city. Small, quirky, run-down shops catch my eye, and derelict structures cast long shadows in the afternoon sun.
Cafe Rosso caught my attention, fitting this environment perfectly. Hip and trendy, but so far out of the usual bustle. Lost in the midst of an old industrial site; if there were a bar, it’d be walking into the blasted Zone of STALKER.

The industrial essence almost feels peaceful, in it’s way. Legacies of once-great works now rusting slowly amidst the crisp brown grasses of the fall.

It’s to find these things again that I came back on Saturday, enjoying the solitude, the crisp sunlight. To feel that desolate peacefulness again.

It’s good to just walk, to enjoy the world around me. I’ve missed it.


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