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Who am I?
An easy question to start with: I’m a pretty average geekgrrl, self-describing as a tomboy-type Pokémon. I work for a prominent PostgreSQL company (I’ll let you guess which one) doing fun development-type work, with a goodly dash of DBA thrown in. I’m often found on IRC, as well.

What’s this Blog for?

If you know me, you know I Twitter. If you’re familiar with Twitter, you know that each update is only permitted 142 characters.
Not a lot of room to write out really large thoughts that require a lot of detail and introspective conceptualizing. Not a lot of room to write out detailed experiences or concepts or anything.
So, this blog is a complement to my Twitterstream, where I write about larger things that interest me, what I’m working on, and suchlike.

And no small amount of Mac gushing. 🙂

Will I Talk About Girly Stuff?
Very, very rarely at best. As previously mentioned, I’m not very girly, and while I do enjoy things like the wonderful bamboo-scented bodywash I have, for the most part my girl-ness (at least with clothes) consists of:
– Does it provide adequate warming or cooling based on the weather?
– Is it decent?
– Do I look like a complete ninny wearing it?
– Do I need to do a lot of work to wear this?

After that, styles and colours and fabrics don’t really catch my attention. Skirts and dresses, while filling the first three, generally fail the fourth requirement and require extra attention and dressing up to really make it work. Not my cup of tea.

One Comment
  1. I salute you and yours. Geekiness FTW. You’re funny to follow via Twitter. 😀

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